Fighting Anxiety: Professional Help

Josh —  October 24, 2013 — 1 Comment

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As the son of a mental health professional the irony was all too obvious.

I’d had the panic/anxiety attack and it was no question that I needed help, but suddenly I was arguing that I didn’t need to go and talk with someone. The treatment was too expensive, I don’t have time, I know what the problem is and I can fix it.

Whatever the excuse we say the real one is almost always the same.

I was embarrassed.

Pathetic and common.

When I finally did go I left the first meeting wondering whether or not it was a good fit, thankfully I was encouraged to give it another shot. Over the next 6 or 7 sessions we worked through some junk. And not just the typical happenings of my life you would think we would cover, but some of the triggers and root causes of my issues.

Best money I ever spent, and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back if I or my wife thought it was necessary.

Then there is the medication. Again I shouldn’t have a hang up on this but a little bit of me is always trying to go off it. Even though it is super cheap, absolutely works and has no negative side-effects.

The craziest thing is that once I started to share this story with others (particularly pastors) just how many had been through some talk therapy, took something prescribed or both. Many of the others asked for the name of the therapist.

Get over yourself and get help, you are only alone when you make yourself alone.


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