St. Peter’s Square: 2005 vs 2013

Josh —  March 15, 2013 — 3 Comments

HT to Eric Dye and ChurchMag

TodayShow-Instagram-St-Peters-SquareEric’s take on the image from The Today Show is that do we really need to all try and capture the same image? Would it be more important to capture or take in the larger¬†human¬†experience?

He makes a great point worth considering.

When I first saw the image (after trying to forgive the iPad photographer) I thought how quickly we have become a society of screens. For better or worse we take in the world through screens. 20 years ago this was marginally true with the proliferation of cable TV, but the pace of change in the last 10, 8, or 5 years is staggering.

From the ministry perspective churches and pastors have always been accused of sticking our heads in the sand when it comes to innovation and societal changes. In reaction us pastors can swing to far the other direction and automatically embrace the latest and greatest innovation.

Extremes are to be avoided but we have to recognize, understand, and contextualize the changes all around us, in part shown in the powerful image above.


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Josh is a Rookie Pastor who after nearly a decade in student ministry is planting a church in Northern Kentucky. Like everyone else he doesn't know what he's doing Rookie Pastor is just the venue to share the mistakes and what he is learning along the way.

3 responses to St. Peter’s Square: 2005 vs 2013

  1. You’re right, Josh. If there was ever a more compelling image to illustrate the need for making your website mobile or having an app for your church, this would be it. Of course, keeping balance is key as you’ve pointed out. :)

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