Monday Morning Quick Hits

Josh —  February 18, 2013 — 8 Comments
  • Considering dropping the Monday Morning Quick Hits. I enjoy doing them and passing them along, but sometimes they are several days old and in our hyper  society that can be ancient. Plus most of these links are tweeted by me, so it feels a bit redundant. If you enjoy this weekly post or just follow the links on Twitter could you let me know in the comments?
  • Skye Jethani examines calling and why we are losing young people. Great article very worth your time.
  • As does Donald Miller.
  • Todd and Matt discuss having hard conversations. I think Rookie Pastors struggle the most with this crucial skill.
  • Daniel Tosh overcomes social anxiety and shyness by creating a “mask”. Probably not the healthiest, but interesting.
  • Didn’t watch the slam dunk contest but did enjoy the 45 second highlight piece of the 2 hour show.
  • A new way to figure out what to read next.
  • Still enjoying Mailbox and curious if they come out with a desktop app, but it is still easy to become a procrastinating slave to email. Addresses symptoms not problems.
  • My awesome wife was part of a band led by my friend Cameron that opened for Charlie Hall last night. His new album The Death of Death is pretty dense theologically (I mean that in the positive) and I enjoyed eavesdropping on a really genuine conversation between the two bands. Great album.
  • A look inside IDEO. All comes back to observation.
  • Adam Mchugh, who wrote Introverts in the Church, isn’t going to be a pastor anymore.
  • A couple of critiques of Tim Keller’s Center Church.
  • Recap from the Platform Conference.
  • Tweet seats in church?
  • Interested in advertising here at Rookie Pastor? Have flexible rates and options available, drop me a line if you are interested.
  • Thoughts on Valentine’s Day from a single pastor.
  • Lies holding the creative in you back.
  • What pastors won’t hear in heaven.
  • The stupid reasons you don’t delegate.
  • Some best practices when speaking to teenagers. Brilliant stuff here.
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Josh is a Rookie Pastor who after nearly a decade in student ministry is planting a church in Northern Kentucky. Like everyone else he doesn't know what he's doing Rookie Pastor is just the venue to share the mistakes and what he is learning along the way.

8 responses to Monday Morning Quick Hits

  1. I think curation is a good thing, I like to scan through these posts to pick up things I missed… regardless of freshness.

  2. I concur with Matt. I don’t always have the time to stay on top of many other stories happening through the week and enjoy being able to read through the notables you put together. these stories may be old to some who scan the web constantly, but for us that only poke our head out periodically, curated lists of links are an excellent resource.

  3. I agree with both Matt and Marc! I find the quick hits to be helpful in making sure I didn’t miss anything and also a great resource to sites and articles that are extremely helpful. I love that I can get a little bit of everything all in one place.

  4. Josh,

    Hey man! Personally, I really love the quick hits and being able to follow links this way! Some days I’m able to stay on top of twitter and other days not so much, so I really like this format, not to mention all the great articles you link to!

  5. I like the Monday Morning Quick Hits, especially when something about the wife/baby are included.

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