John Piper on the Emerging Church

Josh —  September 21, 2012 — 6 Comments

If you have been around here long enough or perused the archives deep enough you know that much of the early work on this blog was spent examining the emerging church and looking for redeeming values to it. I was never a practitioner or proponent of the movement but respected aspects of it from a distance.

In a similar way I do not consider myself reformed and while I hold Piper in high regard I often cringe not necessarily at what he communicates but how he chooses to communicate it.

The Emerging Church has fell apart in many respects but to talk about the leaders living “immoral lives” and being “in shambles” was one of those cringe moments.

So what do you think will there be any expressions of the emerging/Emergent church in 10 years?

Is Piper’s analysis accurate?


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Josh is a Rookie Pastor who after nearly a decade in student ministry is planting a church in Northern Kentucky. Like everyone else he doesn't know what he's doing Rookie Pastor is just the venue to share the mistakes and what he is learning along the way.

6 responses to John Piper on the Emerging Church

  1. josh a lot of the people dont use that word anymore but yes, the various movements are growing all over the world and even in USA.

  2. Defining “emerging church” is like trying to nail jello to the wall… you just can’t do it. There is no real leadership, there is no real structure, there is no real form to it… and it wasn’t ever designed to be long lasting. It was more of a movement away from what the church had become towards something that the church is becoming.

    I think we will be feeling the effects of it for years to come, but for the most part, I think it is done…

    That said, I respect Piper but worry about him becoming another Pat Robertson.

    • agree. there was no real agenda for the movement to become a denomination. A structure will not come from something that reacted against structures.

      Well in regards to Piper. His wisdom is immense but he has so many “cringe” moments that I worry he is damaging his credibility.

  3. I don’t like it. I don’t know Piper at all but he seems to revel in the demise of others here and that’s not virtuous or becoming of a man with such stature. I too Josh, while never taking on the identity of an emergent, believe it is an instrumentally beneficial movement with integrity. That said, there are warts but what school of doctrinal thought doesn’t have imperfections and failure? And that business about Truth over relationships? Please, he should ask buddy Hybels what that did for Willow Creek.

    Appreciate your thoughts Josh!

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