30 in 30: Meet Your Neighbors

Josh —  May 29, 2012 — 1 Comment

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Meet Your Neighbors

Again another mistake I made. As I mentioned earlier we lived in a parsonage that sat on a corner lot and only had one true neighbor, but it took awhile before we met them.

This is particularly important in small towns. If you have lived in a small town before you know that small town people say they are tight knit communities and that people who haven’t lived in small towns say they are nosy. People talk and a new minister moving into town is a great thing to talk about.

They want to know what you are like and a great place to get good information is to talk to your neighbors.

No matter where you live though it is important to know your neighbors. The people living next to you in that suburban neighborhood or in the apartment building may not get asked about but you still need ask about them.

If you don’t feel comfortable enough to start a conversation with the people living around you what does that say about you as a leader? Now it is probably weird for you to go knock on their door and announce your intention to tell them about God, but if you don’t see your neighbors as people that are very easy to reach out to and love, then maybe you need to reassess your profession.

This isn’t about being outgoing or having a bent towards evangelism this is the basic stuff. Do you really want to be the pastor that preaches on the need to reach out but doesn’t know the names of their neighbors?

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