Jesus on the Cover of Newsweek

Josh —  April 4, 2012 — 2 Comments

Sometimes you shouldn’t use Photoshop. Maybe I’m in the minority but I think the hipster Jesus on the streets of what I assume to be New York is an attempt to reach the lowest common denominator. I do like the article though.

I like Andrew Sullivan. People who think independently and aren’t easily pigeon-holed are intriguing to me, even when I don’t agree with them.

Once you get past the fact that the headline writer owes Dan Kimball dinner the article is at least worth your time, even to just step out of yourself and see Christianity from a different perspective.

Sullivan isn’t proposing anything new. Politicians, combativeness, and the institutions of faith have taken away from the true message of Jesus. Which he proposes to be the apolitical acts of going to the cross, taking the pain, and forgiving in the process.

What is interesting is that he seems to be putting voice to younger generations who are leaving the church and not returning. If you are familiar with these studies you will recognize several similarities.

An excerpt from his conclusion:

I have no concrete idea how Christianity will wrestle free of its current crisis, of its distractions and temptations, and above all its enmeshment with the things of this world. But I do know it won’t happen by even more furious denunciations of others, by focusing on politics rather than prayer, by concerning ourselves with the sex lives and heretical thoughts of others rather than with the constant struggle to liberate ourselves from what keeps us from God.

Read it for yourself, don’t listen to what I or others say. It is safe to assume that people in your community are or will.



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2 responses to Jesus on the Cover of Newsweek

  1. Josh, I agree with both your distaste for the cover photo (is that a Norwegian Jesus???) and your comments about Sullivan’s article.

    It seems to be that what it really gets down to is that above anything else, we must preach Christ crucified.

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